Custom panel design

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Yes I love food, I enjoy making it, sharing it and looking after myself.

LHowever my profession is far from it. I design spaces that provide connection between people by allowing them to share food within them. There are a lot of similarities between good outdoor designs and coming up with your next creative meal. Prepare, plan and produce. So my latest offering to inspire creative outdoor eating.

Australian Summer sunshine flickers through custom corten panels and it is so lovely. Now imagine you are enjoying a cold drink and some homemade pizza with your feet up. What more could you ask? Perhaps sharing the experience with some good friends!

These custom panels are located along the west side of the new outdoor entertainment area which I have designed. The panels provide dappled shade during a hot summer evening. They also help to enclose the outdoor space to produce a relaxed casual and intimate atmosphere that allows for greater enjoyment of food and drinks. The panels will further look sensational once they pick up rich reds to browns from rust protective covering.

The panels capture the journey from the client from Ireland to Australia. Irish weaving patterns runs along the bottom as tree roots and leads up to the tree trunk. The tree canopy sit proudly over a rural productive landscape. Further detail of small bird capture the story of client family. A sense of coming together, creating family and departing for their own life journey.

What is you best space that you like to enjoy food?