Kids are better at teamwork than adults

So this is just an example of how 8 years boys can do team work better than adults. It is a little off topic to what I normally talk about. But I think it is such a good story and I had to share.

My son had is birthday party at a jumping inflatable place early in 2016. This place is basically filled with inflatable jumping things. It is really cool.

The item that grab the kids and my attention the most was an inflatable hexagon shape. This inflatable object had six circle rings just inside the boundary. These ring were 0.5m high. There was also single ring to the centre so seven rings in total.

The kids also had helmets and gladiator baton which were padded. The kids were just running around whacking each other. Smack and whack with no purpose. I decided to make a game and give them some purpose. I couldn’t just let them hit each other for no reason.

The first game I decided on was an individual game. A child needed to stand on the centre ring for 3 seconds. I began the game and noticed the kids could only manage 1 second. The other three kids took out the kid without a chance. I quickly stopped the game as it was not working. Also it wasn’t safe.

The next game I created had two teams. Two on to two. I picked brothers on the same team, I picked kids that didn’t know each other and some kids picked their friends. Other kids who were waiting just grabbed the next in line.

So off they went. Within 30 seconds the first team had a person standing on the top of the centre ring. High fives and fist pumps. Great game I thought. Gosh, that was quick!

So the lossers took off their helmets and gave to the kids next in line. The kids did this with no fuse I might add! The winner waited for their next opponents. They were obviously pumped and were talking themselves up.

OK let’s make this interesting. The boys came up with team name at the start such as Rambos, Domino’s etc. They also partook in some banter. Love it all the game is working.

I gave some advice to the new team. I’m like, the only way to stand on the top of the centre ring is to work together. One person must take on two to allow the other to stand up. If you don’t work together you will fail.

I started the count down in my perfect wrestling intro voice. Domino’s vs Rambos are you ready. 3,2 and 1 go. They were off again. Again within 30 seconds their was a boy standing on the centre circle ring.

Many games were played during the afternoon and the line didnt seem to get any smaller. I organised the game for over an hour.

I have to say some teams worked really well together and won 3 games straight. Some teams lost because a player gave up when he should have tried just a little bit more.

Interestly, some teams had no idea who their team mate was at the start of the match. But by the end of the match they were best friends. They were wrapping their arms around each in a supportive embrace. The parents were surprised to see how quickly they had become friends.

I asked the winner why they won? They said things like he is small and quick. He is big and tall. The other person is quick of the line and focused to get to the other two.

So in summary these boys without saying words had identified the other kids strength. They worked together. One sacrificed himself to allow the other to stand. Together they shared in the victory.



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