A More ‘Connected Melbourne’ involves a clock, magnet and a wheel

“A More Connected Melbourne – Provide an integrated transport system connecting people to jobs and services and goods to market” Is found in Chapter 3 of Plan Melbourne. I really like this brief and ambitions it holds. Below, I’m going to propose a completely innovative response to this brief that… Read more »

7 attributes that make Ocean Grove Park (Digger Park) simple the best park on the Bellarine

On most Saturday mornings you will find my friend James with his kids, along with me and my kids at a local park. Everyone really enjoy going to this park. I travel from a neighbouring suburb to specifically go to this park. So what make this park so special? See… Read more »

Landscape Maintenance Improves Community Respect

A few years back, I was undertaking some miscellaneous contract administration tasks for development open space maintenance. My task was simple, to achieve handover to release the landscape bonds. However, during my task, I learnt three really important lessons that directly impacted the community respect to the space. The conditions… Read more »

Connecting the site

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As a landscape architect a simple craving is articulate the bigger connections from site to the surrounding context. How is my site connected? Understanding the importance of the bigger connections can greatly influences the design outcomes for the site. A method in seeing some connections around the site can be… Read more »