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The story behind Black Pen’s name came from my various work experiences.

Typically, when I produce work, many internal and external people offer feedback. They are basically ensuring it is fit for purpose. All these people can make comments in their own unique way. I found that each person had a slightly different style for offering feedback.

At one end of the spectrum some external people would send lengthy text email responses. They really got into it. Somehow, I think a 5 minute phone call would suffice. At the other end of the spectrum they give you nothing and leave you suspense for months.

Some internal people would prefer to use a red pen to undertake their feedback. I figure it contrasts nicely against the printed file. Or some would offer verbal feedback for a quick amendment. They are busy and just need to keep it moving.

Pleasingly, over time I got less red pen mark ups. My turning point was when I started to think like a manager. I would ask myself, if I was giving myself feedback, what would I suggest to improve it? Maybe, have a look at the work tomorrow with fresh set of eyes or get the red pen out.

My ambitious goal was to have less and less red pen mark ups. I sought to produce work to my highest standard. I wanted to instill confidence with the work that I produced.

With all this various feedback streams available. I have always tried to learn from them. Then implemented useable systems to ensure I can do something faster with less error.

When it came time to set up my blog and decide on a name. I thought long and hard about using Red Pen and few other suggestions. However, all these ideas were all taken. In hind sight, I’m glad I didn’t get Red Pen as my blog name. I see that red pen is a platform to offer feedback.

To me my vision for the blog is to produce and put my ideas onto a stage. Black Pen allows me to do this. I still would like your feedback to improve the ideas. So if you have feedback please provide in stream that works for you.

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