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Custom panel design

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Yes I love food, I enjoy making it, sharing it and looking after myself. LHowever my profession is far from it. I design spaces that provide connection between people by allowing them to share food within them. There are a lot of similarities between good outdoor designs and coming up… Read more »

7 key components from Barangaroo Reserve

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So what makes Barangaroo Reserve so special and unique and why is it my favourite place in Sydney? Barangaroo Reserve creates an environment that you want to inhabit. It allows people to experience the landscape, water and allow the enjoyment of other people all within beautiful setting. Already this place… Read more »

Sydney Harbour Bridge vs Barangaroo Reserve – Pilot vs Co-pilot

It’s the old Tom and Jerry battle between professions. Engineering (Sydney Harbour Bridge) vs landscape architecture (Barangaroo Reserve). I say Tom and Jerry, because in the cartoon series they fight, they argue, they play and they discuss. Yet at the end of the day they are friends and often work… Read more »

Black Pen Story

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The story behind Black Pen’s name came from my various work experiences. Typically, when I produce work, many internal and external people offer feedback. They are basically ensuring it is fit for purpose. All these people can make comments in their own unique way. I found that each person had… Read more »