7 attributes that make Ocean Grove Park (Digger Park) simple the best park on the Bellarine


On most Saturday mornings you will find my friend James with his kids, along with me and my kids at a local park. Everyone really enjoy going to this park. I travel from a neighbouring suburb to specifically go to this park. So what make this park so special? See below to show you why this park is simple the best park on the Bellarine.

7 Attributes that make Ocean Grove Park simple the best park on the Bellarine

1. Proximity
Ocean Grove Park is tucked away nicely in old Ocean Grove. Many amenities are just a short stroll from the park. Just amenities include church, cafés, Ocean Grove shopping strip, library, post office, community garden, Senior Citizens Club, the beach, Ocean Grove Primary School and bus stops. These connections are great because you move from Ocean Grove Park to the next destination without getting in a car. On most Saturdays my kids and I typical move from Ocean Grove Park to the library and finish at a coffee shop. This routine works really well and I will continue to do this.

2. Community
The Ocean Grove Park is maintained by the local community. This is great as you constantly see people out there undertaking some minor repair work. The local maintenance makes the park feel neat and tidy. Sometimes the digger play equipment is out of action. On these days the kids ask where the digger has gone. Don’t worry it will be back soon. it is just getting some oil and a coat of paint.

3. Events
Ocean Grove Park feels comfortable and can adapt from small to large events without to much fuss. For a large event such as the Dawn Service on ANZAC Day, it can attract over 5,000 people. Then on the weekends for a local farmers market, it can draw a regular consistent stream of people moving from one stall to the next. During week days only one family in the park. Now days, the Digger Park has a brand new grand stand. This will help it attract bigger events.

4. Activity
Ocean Grove Park provides a great place to exercise. Local personal trainers call this park their base to operate, move and work from. My wife Erin a fitness enthusiast has been seen with her mothers groups carving up the running circuit whilst. Then testing out the fitness equipment that runs around the internal perimeter. When she trains at the park, I do breakfast for my hungry kids on the BBQ under the shelter.

5. Playground
Ocean Grove Parks playground is not complicated or over programmed. It is made up of traditional play pieces. One play piece the swings always get the best workout. I seem to move from one swing to the next pushing and catching my kids. The swing always brings the biggest smiles to my kids and to me. The row boat, sea saw and rocking horse are some other play pieces that get well used. These play pieces are tried and tested play and kids just love to play on them. Finally, the water fountain, my kids love playing in the water and enjoy splashing the water over the side.

6. Nature
The existing trees around the Ocean Grove Parks playground and circuit paths make a huge impact on the way you feel in the space. Often when I’m in this park I see native birds flying from one tree to the next. Sometimes migratory birds resting on the kickabout space looking for a meal. My kids tend to move from playground to under a tree with some thick shrub. They talk and hide just out of sight. Soon a different play language emerges from physical play with the playground to more imaginative role playing. This natural space is so relaxing and a pleasure to be in and a great way to spend a few hours.

7. Friendship
At the Ocean Grove Park I have meet the most interesting people and friends. We have chatted about the kids, shared stories  and sometimes the food is shared amongst the crowd. It feels like we are actively and cooperatively sharing parenting within a public space. The Ocean Grove Park is a great space to meet friends and make new ones.

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