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Earlier this year I was having a lunch with a local fitness group. They were celebrating the 12 week body challenge with fantasic results. My wife Erin was in the 12 week body challenge. Erin had a great mind set and won the challenge. I was very happy with her results.

Whilst I was talking to the group some common issues were coming up regarding outdoor exercise. It appeared safety and friendship was a consistent underlying current for the exercising group.

As my wife had won the challenge other ladies were seeking guidance and assurance. They asked many questions about where Erin runs and rides? Where are some of the good tracks to go? Can they exercise together?

It appeared that other women were very inspired by Erin. Maybe, they wanted to join her to potentially get some great results as well.

I know, as a landscape architect, that many things can improve exercising for safety and friendship. Factors such as good urban design, well surfaced and connected paths, passive surveillance to open areas, avoid blocking shrubs and the overall landscape itself. Also I flagged things that new developments are doing with footpaths and street lighting. Finally, I discussed some examples with passive walking tracks and good maintenance.

I soon realised that fitness users are a key component to the space that landscape architects design and maintain. They are one of my key clients. They were interested in what I was saying and I was interested in what they could offer me to improve the design. We need to work together more.

I asked my wife why she picks a certain exercise route. Erin mentioned she loves beautiful spaces, a purpose or destination,  things that can track kilometers and a challenge.

So, what are some of the things you look forward too when you exercise? I would appreciate your comments.

Black Pen.

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