Queens Park Playground, Highton

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2015-06-08 19.47.052015-06-08 19.41.212015-06-08 19.51.012015-06-08 19.53.06On the Queens Birthday Public Holiday we decided to go to Queens Park, Highton to check out the new playground.

Wow, this is such a great space for kids and big kids. I feel this space is truely an integrated space that pushes kids boundaries. For me it was great to see how my kids pushed themselves.

Spencer (3) was stuck on my legs and frozen. I rolled him over onto the ropes and he freaked out. 5 minutes later he is climbing up by himself. The smile on his face was priceless.

Rusty (7) challenged uncle Simon to see who could get around the course first. I think Rusty won or maybe uncle Simon let him win. Rusty was had a blast jumping up and down on the high ropes.

Jasper (5) was working out his reach and strength. Could he reach the holder? Yes only when standing on his tippy toes. However, he couldnt move along the ropes. He needed some help and moved onto the next challenge.

Bronte (1) got to experience the ropes wrapped under my wife arms. Also Bronte walked along the bridge holding mums hand.

In the end we played on the swings for a familiar challenge. We will be totally going back.

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